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5 Ways Custom Iron Works Can Add Toddler Protection & Safety to Your Home

When you have a small toddler in the home, it's important to add protection and safety elements. Instead of purchasing all the traditional safety tools, you can use beautiful iron designs that double as safety precautions for your child. Custom iron fencing and design can create a rustic and beautiful look for your home. The following five products can be crafted by an iron works company so they fit with the size and style of your home. Each design has the ability to feature custom shapes and design elements and protect your child at the same time.

1. Toddler Gates

Now that your child has started to walk, they love to explore and go to areas of the home that could be potentially dangerous. Add protection by installing iron fencing gates to various entryways of your home. The gates can be built a number of different ways and extend high enough so the toddler is properly blocked. For adult access, the gates can be made to attach to a wall hinge. This allows you to swing them open and get full access to the entryway. Add extra protection and safety to an iron gate by adding padding to the top and bottom. The padding makes the gate easy to grip and climb over for adults.

2. Balcony & Landing Rails

Create a dramatic view on the inside of your home with custom ornamental railings for balconies and landing areas at the top of stairs. Not only can you have impressive visuals, but the areas will help keep toddlers protected from accidental falls. The bars can be evenly spaced so that a toddler can't even stick its arm through. Iron fencing companies can create all types of designs and fuse them into the rail. For example, when decorating with a natural theme, you can add iron decorative accents like stars, flowers, or the sun.

3. Window Bars & Gates

Block your toddler from window access with custom iron designs. Toddlers that can access windows can accidentally climb out, fall out, or bang toys into the glass. A simple iron bar can prevent the window from being opened or accessed. For full protection, consider putting up an iron gate. Instead of making your home look like a jail cell, a custom iron gate can feature elegant designs that are aesthetically pleasing and still allow plenty of natural light into your home. A professional can measure your windows and ensure that the gates fit uniformly with your windows.

4. Fireplace Screens

Block a child from the dangers and debris located inside a fireplace. An iron fireplace screen can be built to completely cover and block off any fireplace in your home. A triple panel screen will cover all the sides of your fireplace. Iron finishes on the designs add a rustic element and blend in with multiple types of fireplace designs. Along with iron finishes, these designs can implement glass paneling so you can still see the beautiful visuals of the fire. Accents can be added to the screen to match other designs in your home.

5. Iron Hook Racks

In the kitchen, it's important to keep dangerous supplies away from a child. Along with cabinet and drawer locks, you can make a number of items out of reach completely with the use of an iron hook rack. When hung from the ceiling, an iron hook rack is great for holding pots, pans, and kitchen utensils like spatulas and metal spoons. Not only will these designs keep the items out of a child's reach, but it makes it a lot easier for you to access kitchen accessories without digging through cabinets.

With some careful planning, a number of these products will help protect your toddler and then can transition into natural home elements as the child grows older.