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3 Reasons To Choose Fiberglass Fences

Investing in a new fence is always a smart decision. It adds safety and security to your property while also increasing the curb appeal.  A new fence can definitely change the entire dynamic of your home exterior and make it stand out from your neighbors. This is all great for potential sellers! You will probably notice that many modern residential fences are being built with materials like fiberglass. This article explains 3 reasons to choose fiberglass for your new fence.

1. Fiberglass Styles are Impressive

First, it is important to distinguish that fiberglass fences come in many great styles. Many people have the misconception that fiberglass is not a stylish material. They often think that a fiberglass fence can only look white and shiny like a bathtub. It is actually made in a variety of different colors and with different textures. You can even find fiberglass products with amazingly detailed fake prints. These prints usually are usually of wood grain, whether it is stained or a solid color. Either way, you will be surprised how authentic it looks. When you look at them closely and touch them, you will be able to tell that they are not made out of real wood, but from the curb they look real. The great thing is that they look like real wood, but don't have all the annoying and time consuming maintenance requirements.

2. Fiberglass Fences Have Modular Designs

Most people love that fiberglass fences are modular. This is very significant if you plan on installing your own fence. With fiberglass, once the posts are installed, the rest of the pieces are very easy to attach. The post have pre-cut slots that the modular rails fit right into without any tools. Basically, you can assemble the rails and slats of a modular fiberglass fence with hardly any power tools. You will need to cut the rails to size, using a circular saw, but the installation is far easier then a wooden fence.

3. Fiberglass is a Hassle Free Material

Most people ultimately choose fiberglass because it is such a hassle free material. It doesn't need to be stained, refinished or painted in anyway. Fiberglass is waterproof and it has a powder coat paint finish. This means that it is extremely hard and not likely to fade over the years.

Given these factors, it is easy to see why fiberglass has become such a popular fencing material. There are very few products that are as stylish, low maintenance and easy to install. For more information, contact a business such as Summit  Fence Company.