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Chain Link Fencing: It's Inexpensive, But It's Not "Cheap"!

Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing options when you want to enclose a yard to keep your dog in. But because it is so affordable, it sometimes gets the reputation of being "cheap." Cheap and inexpensive are not the same thing. The term "cheap" implies that something is of low quality or is inferior, which is just not the case with chain link fencing. Though this type of fence comes at a low price, it offers many benefits, including the following.

It's Easy to Install

Some types of fencing, like wood and vinyl, take quite a while to install. They're also tough to install on your own, so you usually have to hire a professional. While you can hire a pro to install your chain link fencing, it's pretty fast and easy to put up. You can do it on your own as long as you have some basic construction skills. The hardest part is mounting the posts on concrete. Then, you just unroll the chain link and attach it to the posts.

It Comes in Various Colors and Styles

While you might think of metal chain link fencing as plain, it actually comes in many colors. Vinyl is used to cover many modern chain link fences. You can find green, white, black and even some brightly colored chain link fences, allowing you to create any look you desire.

You Can Add Slats to Make It Private

A commonly cited downfall of chain link fencing is that you can see through it, so it does not offer much privacy. However, there is a way to make a chain link fence more private if that's what you prefer. Fence companies make long pieces of plastic or vinyl, called privacy slats. You can weave these through the links in the chain fence, and they block the view through the fence. You can find them in an array of colors for a customizable look.

Chain Link Fencing Is Low-Maintenance

You don't have to paint the fence or provide any other sort of maintenance. This makes chain link fencing a very good choice if you're a busy professional or a parent who does not have a lot of time in their schedule. Later in its life, your chain link fence may develop some rust or corrosion, but you can then hire a professional to give it a quick coat of rust-proof spray.

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