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5 Benefits Of Wrought Iron Fencing For Your Garden

Whether you are growing exotic orchids or a large variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, a garden in your backyard can be a wonderful investment. Not only will it off you and your family fresh food, but a garden will also add appeal and value to your home. Unfortunately, your garden is not only appealing to humans, since many pests will attempt to feed on your flowers and edibles. Of course, help is available.

Designing a fence around your garden is smart, but you do not need to install a boring barrier made out of wood or chicken wire. With this guide, you will learn about the benefits of installing a wrought iron fence around your personal garden. 

Ornamental Design

One of the greatest benefits of using wrought iron for your fencing needs is its overall appearance. Wrought iron can be designed in a variety of shapes and patterns. You can choose from a standard iron picket design or an elaborate look with extensive details that make your fence stand out in the yard.

The elegant designs work well with most styles of home, adding a classic look that will be stylish for many years to come.

Easy Access

When designing your fence, contractors will make sure to implement a gate that allows you easy access in and out of your garden.

The gate will be designed in a way that will complement the rest of the fence. If you prefer a more unique look, opt for a detailed scrollwork design for your gate that accents the more traditional wrought iron pickets.


Wood fencing is sufficient, but it does rot and discolor over time. Vinyl fencing is also an option to consider, but this material requires a good amount of cleaning to ensure it remains attractive.

Thankfully, wrought iron offers the best of all words. The intense durability of the material allows your fence to last many decades.

The iron is also strong enough to support vines that are growing in your garden. Allow a clematis plant or a grapevine to grow through the scrolls of your fence without any worry.

Neighborhood Friendly

Today, more and more homes are being built in neighborhoods where there are rules and regulations dictated by the city or a homeowner's association. These restrictions are essential for protecting appeal and property value of all homes in the neighborhood, so it is important to follow them for your own benefit.

Fortunately, many homeowner's associations permit the use of wrought iron because of its durable nature and elegant design. Of course, before purchasing or signing a contract to purchase, make sure to consult the city or your neighborhood association to determine which fencing materials are allowed.

Ease of Maintenance

Certain types of fencing require a great deal of cleaning and maintenance.

Again, protecting the look and durability of a wood fence requires cleaning and staining to protect the wood from moisture, mold, and decay.

Vinyl also requires ongoing cleaning to remove dirt, dust, grass, and mold. If you have a chain link fence around your garden, you can expect a good amount of rust and corrosion that will need to be removed from time to time.

While surprising for most people to learn, wrought iron requires very little maintenance. Brushing off the iron pickets, posts, and gates with a brush or hosing it down every so often will be sufficient.

For an appealing, functional design that is durable, neighborhood friendly, and easy to maintain, consider wrought iron around your garden. This guide will help you understand the benefits of using iron to add beauty while protecting your garden from wildlife.