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How To Install Aluminum Fence Posts In Soils

If you want to install a fence, it can be a time-consuming process. Installing fence posts in soil is definitely going to be a little difficult, but it's a manageable DIY project that doesn't require that much special skill for heavy tools. This article explains the process of installing fence posts. Once you learn to properly install aluminum fence posts, the rest of the of the process is comparably simpler.

Digging Holes in the Soil

The first thing you need to do is dig your holes. For the most accurate digging, use a post-diffing shovel. This is a tool that you will need to invest in, but it is going to cost less than $40, and it is well worth it. If you have a post-digging shovel, you're ultimately going to save time and stress on your body. That is, you are not going to need to do nearly as much digging because they post digging shovel allows you to dig deep holes without making them too wide.

There are really no set rules for how deep your post holes need to be. However, it is good to be safe, so consider making your holes half as deep as your post is going to be tall. So, if you want a 6' post, you should dig a 3' hole. However, some people make the mistake of thinking that this means they only need a 9' post. In reality, you should buy a post that is at least 10' long. This way, you can install the post into the soil, and then cut the top off once the footing is dry to make sure it is the right height. This gives you a little wiggle room when it comes to digging and pouring the concrete around the post.

Pouring and Mixing the Concrete

Perhaps the most vital step in post installation is pouring the concrete. That is, you want to pour the concrete and water into the hole together, around the post, at the same time, and then mix them together. Some people think that they need to mix the concrete beforehand and then pour it in. In reality, you create a stronger footing if you do the mixing in the hole. If you think you can handle the installation of your aluminum fence post, you should not be intimidated by the overall fence installation process. It's going to be the hardest part of the entire project, but it is really not even that difficult.

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