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3 Signs Your Aluminum Fence Needs Replacing

If you have an older aluminum fence surrounding your yard and have noticed some damage to it, you may wonder whether it can be repaired. However, if you notice one or more of the signs below, you will most likely need to have either part or all of it replaced.

Support Posts Are Cracked

To check for irreparable damage to your aluminum fencing, walk along the fence and inspect the condition it carefully. Pay attention to the support posts between the panels, especially towards the bottoms. 

As you examine each post, look for any cracks in the metal. These cracks may have been caused by an impact or even constant exposure to drastic temperature changes.

If you find cracks in only or two posts, you may be able to get by with replacing only them. However, if you see cracks on multiple support posts, there is a chance that the entire fence will need to be replaced. A professional contractor can give you further details.

Metal Is Severely Bent 

As you walk along your fence, also look for any bends in either the posts or the panels between them. If you find small dings in the fencing, these may take away from the aesthetic value of the fence, but they usually do not threaten the fence's structural integrity.

However, if you find large bends in the aluminum, these areas have typically sustained severe damage. Simply bending them back into place will not work, since the added movement will only cause further weakening of the metal. These areas will most likely need replacing.

Welds Are Pulling Apart

To strengthen the integrity of your fencing, the installers most likely welded the metal pieces together. While these do produce a strong point of contact between the panels and the posts, they may eventually pull apart.

If you see any broken or missing welds between the metal pieces, this indicates that the fence has sustained severe impact or prolonged weather exposure which has weakened the welds to the point that they can no longer perform their function. Since it may be difficult to re-weld the pieces, the affected areas of fencing may need replacing.

If you find any of the above signs of damage, part or all of your aluminum fencing may need to be replaced. Contact a fence contractor like Fence-It that specializes in aluminum fencing to have them inspect the damage and offer suggestions on needs to be done.