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Options To Choose When Looking At Commercial Chain Link Fencing

If you have a business that you want to protect, then it is in your best interest to install chain link fencing. Commercial fencing is your best choice. While the fence material does come with certain standard features, there are still some decisions you need to make when picking out your fence. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Mesh Size

The chain link mesh or fabric refers to the pattern of the metal pieces that make up the fencing panels. The diamond-shaped openings between the metal pieces are referred to the mesh spaces. These spaces come in a variety of different sizes, and the wider the openings, the less material used to construct the fence. This translates to a less expensive fence, simply based on material use.

However, while bigger spaces mean savings for you, the smaller mesh will provide more security for your business. So, make sure to consider your security needs before deciding on the mesh size.

Typically, you want a mesh that had two inch or smaller openings. For basic needs, two inch is adequate, but you may want to look at five-eighths or one-half inch options if you have security needs. The smaller mesh fences are usually called security fences. While more expensive, commercial chain link fences made for security can reduce your liability insurance rates.

Wire Diameter

The actual thickness of the wire can be chosen as well. Like the mesh size, the thicker the wire, the more steel that is used. This means a higher cost for your fencing material. 

The thickness of the wire is measured in gauges and ranges from six to twelve gauge. The smaller the gauge, the thicker the wire, and the gauges are often labeled as light to heavy-duty use. For commercial purposes, you want to stay away from the light-duty ten to twelve gauge options. Something within the six to nine gauge range is ideal.

If you want to go with a lower gauge option, then make sure that your steel fencing is coated with a vinyl or PVC coating. These coatings will thicken up the wire making it more secure and the fence will also be resistant to rust and damage from general wear and tear. 

The size of the fence posts are an important consideration as well, so make sure they are both tall and thick or the diameter of the fence wiring may offer little security protection.

If you want to know more about commercial fencing options, speak with an installation professional.