Talking About Fence Materials

Installing A Deer Fence Around Your Property

Deer are beautiful animals, and many people enjoy having them show up outside their home to graze on the grass, but the grass is not the only thing the deer will eat. For some people, keeping the deer out of their yard is important, and it is critical that you use the right fence material to do that and not injury the deer in the process.

Fencing Material

When you are considering adding a fence around your property to keep out deer and other animals, you need to look at the materials available and make sure that you are are using something that is safe for the deer. Metal mesh fencing is available that will do the job, but often the mesh is too open and small deer can get stuck in the spaces as they try and climb through the fence. 

A better solution is to use an ASTM poly material that has small openings in the mesh. A one-inch opening is a good size, and the ASTM material is flexible, so you can run the fencing around the property in whatever shape or along any path that you need. The fencing is nearly invisible when you place it along a treeline and is high enough to keep deer from jumping over it, which is important. 

Areas to Fence

The amount of fencing material you need around your property is something you need to consider. If you have a garden or fruit trees that you are trying to keep animals out of, you may want to enclose those areas while leaving the yard open so that the wildlife can still come graze on the grass and you can still enjoy having them there. 

Like any fence, a deer fence can go just about anywhere on the property you like, but the more fence you install, the higher the cost of installation and maintenance is going to be. 

Hiring a Fence Contractor

You can hire a contractor to install the deer fence for you, but if you do, make sure that you let them know where the fencing needs to go and exactly what the goal for the fence is. The contractor can help you select the right fencing material and may have suggestions about the best way to protect your plants without making the yard look like a prison with a high-security fence around it. 

Blending the fence into the surroundings and keeping the natural look is important to many people, and the right fence will allow you to see the animals without allowing them to eat you out of house and home. 

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