Talking About Fence Materials

PVC Fence Options

If you are in need of a new fence, look no further than durable and low maintenance PVC. It provides many styles and options to fit your landscaping needs.

Picket Styles

PVC fences come in a variety of picket styles. There are panel-style fences, which consist of preformed panels that are made to look like traditional closed picket wood fences. These may even have a faux wood grain. You purchase these panels in the lengths necessary for your fence, and then each panel is affixed between two posts.

Open picket and rail style PVC fences are also available. These may sometimes come in premade panels similar to closed picket options, but they may also come in separate pieces that are assembled onsite in a similar fashion to the wood versions of these designs. Both panel and piece-installed PVC fences come in a variety of heights and design options to meet your needs

Color Options

Fence color can be a bit limited with PVC fencing. The most commonly available colors for nearly every picket style and design are white and brown, but some styles may also come in a gray option.

Although limited, there is a range of shades for each of these colors. White fences can be pure white or more of a cream color, for example. Browns come in every shade ranging from nearly black to light buff. Gray is also typically available in varying light and dark shades. These shades can be combined quite attractive. For example, you can opt for nearly black posts and chocolate brown panels for quite the curb appeal. The contrast is striking but the colors themselves are quite complementary.


Accessories are readily available for PVC fences. Some accessories are primarily for aesthetics, although they may also offer function. For example, lattice tops on traditional panels allow light in on taller fences while still providing privacy. You can also find post caps with built-in solar lights, which are both attractive and provide a landscape lighting solution that is also space-efficient.

Some accessories are more about function. For example, panels with built-in roll bars to prevent your dog from jumping over the fence. Another functional accessory is built-in hooks or hangers for hanging flower pots or training vines along. Arbors and other gate attachments are also available, which provide beauty and some growing space for climbing roses and similar plants.

Contact a PVC fencing installer for more information on all of the options that are available.