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Considerations for Patio Enclosures and Special Needs Children

Having a special needs child means taking extra precautions around the home. These precautions include special precautions around patios. This is especially true if your home is near a roadway or near a wood line where your special needs child can be easily lost. If you have a special needs child that may wander easily, here are some patio enclosure options you should consider for their safety. 

Shatterproof Glass

One of the key components you should consider for your patio enclosure and your special needs child is shatterproof glass. By having shatterproof glass you can ensure that breaking the glass is harder. You can also ensure that if the glass is broken, by your child or by an outside force, that your child will not be cut or harmed. You can go with other shatterproof options including acrylic enclosures and clear vinyl enclosures. Make sure that whatever material you choose for your patio enclosure offers a non-breakable or shatterproof option to reduce damage to your enclosure and your child. 

Tinted Enclosures

Some special needs children are distracted by bright light and sunlight. This distraction can cause a sensory issue that leads to your child wanting to escape the area. Oftentimes they will go indoors, however, there are some instances when your child may run out of the patio area and away from the home. By having tinted patio enclosures you can reduce the sensory issues that arise from severe sunlight and brightness. By reducing the sensory issues you can offer your child the option to stay in the patio area and enjoy the time with the family. 

Hidden Latches

If your patio enclosure has a door leading to the outside of your property you should consider having panels with a hidden latch installed. This hidden latch may be hidden within the panel, on a switch, or somewhere else on the enclosure. These hidden latches make it more difficult for your child to escape the area and begin to wander away from the home. You can also consider having an alarm attached to the hidden latch in the patio enclosure to increase security against wandering. 

These are just a few of the patio enclosure ideas that may help you keep your special needs child safe. If you are ready to move forward with your patio enclosure, contact your local fencing contractor. They can schedule a consultation and discuss the options that are ideal for your situation and family.