5 Ways Custom Iron Works Can Add Toddler Protection & Safety to Your Home

When you have a small toddler in the home, it's important to add protection and safety elements. Instead of purchasing all the traditional safety tools, you can use beautiful iron designs that double as safety precautions for your child. Custom iron fencing and design can create a rustic and beautiful look for your home. The following five products can be crafted by an iron works company so they fit with the size and style of your home. [Read More]

How To Clean And Restore Your Aged Aluminum Fence

After being exposed to the sun, wet weather, and vehicle exhaust, your aluminum fence can become dingy, dirty, and corroded. With the right process, you can remove the layers of grime and oxidation to renew your aluminum fence's exterior or prepare it for painting. Here are instructions to help you in this process. Remove Chalky Residue  The aluminum surface of your fence will not form any orange rust on its exterior as other metals can. [Read More]

Adopting A Dog Into Your Family? Here's What You Should Know About Fencing In Your Backyard

If you've decided to take the plunge and adopt a dog into your family, there is an important thing to take care of before you bring your new family member home— a fence in the backyard. But there's more to it than simply placing any old fence around the perimeter of your property. 3 Reasons Why Fencing Is Necessary for Dogs Dogs are notorious for being escape artists when it comes to fences, especially certain breeds that like to hunt and chase. [Read More]

Classic Wood Or Modern Vinyl? Pros And Cons Of 2 Picket Fence Options

Even before Tom Sawyer famously conned his friend into completing his chore of whitewashing a picket fence, white picket fences were a classic symbol of Americana. In fact, the picket fence has been used to mark property lines in the United States ever since colonial times. The concept of the picket fence has become a metaphor for one of the most important parts of the American Dream: homeownership. It's no surprise that, even with all of the different fencing options today, many homeowners still choose the traditional picket fence to keep people from crossing their freshly mowed lawns or to prevent the dog from getting out of the yard. [Read More]