5 Benefits Of Wrought Iron Fencing For Your Garden

Whether you are growing exotic orchids or a large variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, a garden in your backyard can be a wonderful investment. Not only will it off you and your family fresh food, but a garden will also add appeal and value to your home. Unfortunately, your garden is not only appealing to humans, since many pests will attempt to feed on your flowers and edibles. Of course, help is available. [Read More]

Keeping The Peace When Installing A Fence That Borders Your Neighbor's Yard

You may really want a privacy fence around the backyard, but also may worry about whether your neighbors will feel rejected or otherwise annoyed. Following certain points of etiquette will make fence installation a friendlier action. That's true even if your main goal actually is to put up a barrier between you and the neighbors.  Talk to Them First Unless your family and your neighbors on each bordering side are on unfriendly terms, it's a good idea to let them know about the upcoming project ahead of time. [Read More]

Myths You Want To Dispel About Aluminum Fencing

When you are researching different fencing materials in search of the best one for your yard, you'll find a lot of information, especially online. Some of this information will be extremely helpful and correct. However, other information can be based on myths and you don't want to make the wrong decision because you get swayed by information that isn't even true. Here are a few of the more commonly found myths online that you won't want to fall for: [Read More]

Chain Link Fencing: It's Inexpensive, But It's Not "Cheap"!

Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing options when you want to enclose a yard to keep your dog in. But because it is so affordable, it sometimes gets the reputation of being "cheap." Cheap and inexpensive are not the same thing. The term "cheap" implies that something is of low quality or is inferior, which is just not the case with chain link fencing. Though this type of fence comes at a low price, it offers many benefits, including the following. [Read More]